The 247Bull Portfolio

The website aims to provide a complete picture of the global macro financial landscape. By connecting the dots and understanding the powerful macro trends that will shape our future investors can both be protected from, and profit from, what’s coming.

The 247Bull portfolio aims to capitalise on this understanding, and I believe that for those that understand the big picture, this is an excellent time to begin building a portfolio.


The 247Bull portfolio is predominantly dedicated to long-term investment strategies that rely on fundamental analysis. It will however trade shorter-term market opportunities as they arise, for example from the formation of favourable chart patterns.

Some of the long-term strategies that the portfolio will aim to exploit include: Debt Deleveraging, Currency Debasement, Resource Scarcity and Financial Repression.

The decision as to what to include in the 247Bull portfolio will be based primarily on top-down fundamental analysis. That decision will however also acknowledge the fact that markets today are responding more to injections of liquidity from central banks than to the traditional factors of supply and demand.

As for the timing of the purchase of sale of an asset, this decision will be based on technical factors such as overbought and oversold indicators and market sentiment.

Portfolio goals

I’ve made the point before that in today’s market environment, the focus needs to be more on the return of your capital, rather than the return on your capital. In other words, the priority for anyone with wealth (not just investors), should be the preservation of that wealth. With this in mind the 247Bull portfolio aims to provide the following:

  1. Preservation of wealth
  2. Asset price appreciation
  3. Income through dividends

Long-term Cash is Trash, short-term Cash is King,

As governments around the world seek to postpone the process of debt deleveraging and inflate away their debt burdens through ever more aggressive money printing, they will destroy the value of paper money. It is for this reason that holding your wealth in cash over the long-term will almost certainly lose you a lot of money.

In the short-term however, with markets in “risk off” mode and the threat of deflation looming, cash is a good thing to have. The 247Bull portfolio is currently 100% in cash, however over the next few weeks and months I will begin to put that cash to work.

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