Recommended reading: Bad news for the big state

Douglas Carswell: Bad news for the big state

In an excellent article on the website, Douglas Carswell describes the insidious rise of big government. Mr Carswell points out that “the West’s big government approach cannot work indefinitely. Indeed, it is bust.” He also reveals the staggering facts that £46 from every £100 we earn “will end up going to pay for officialdom”, and that “public debt in Britain under the Coalition will approximately double in just five years.”

From the article:

“The global financial crisis is not a global crisis. It is a Western crisis, one ultimately caused by the fact that Western governments have lived beyond the ability of the rest of us to pay for them…

Unproven theories have been elevated to the status of dogma. Grand follies – from the idea of European monetary union to the notion that we might engineer economic prosperity – have been pursued by those who believe that they can arrange human social and economic affairs by grand design. From Fannie Mae to banking failures, the result has been a series of catastrophic public policy blunders.”

However, in contrast to many who write on this subject, Mr Carswell sees reasons for hope. He believes that the West is “on the cusp of a dramatic transformation” which, thanks to the internet, “makes collective action and intelligence, free from any directing authority, possible on a size and scale that was previously impossible.”

He describes a future in which families and individuals can decide for themselves how their public services are allocated. “Imagine if you could commission services bought in your name for yourself? A personalised health account, with your own medical records on your own app. Or, instead of a national curriculum, why not a tailor-made one made for your child, paid for out of a personalised learning account?”

Read the article in full…

I also highly recommend Douglas Carswell’s blog:

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