247Bull Portfolio update

This article provides an update on the 247Bull investment portfolio. It includes details of the recent purchases as well as some of the companies we are keeping an eye on.


Following Monday’s article on uranium stocks, we have added the Global X Uranium ETF, Strathmore Minerals and Fission Energy to the 247Bull portfolio.

We have also added three new precious metals companies to the portfolio. These are: Golden Queen Mining, Silver Wheaton, and Pretium Resources, which was featured in yesterdays Company Spotlight section.

We have also added to our holdings of the royalty companies Royal Gold and Franco Nevada, as well as to our holdings of both physical gold and physical silver.


We are short Manchester United and Facebook.

The 247Bull investment portfolio

The 247Bull investment portfolio

Portfolio as at 5 September 2012

NB: Assets marked with an asterisk form part of the tactical portion of the portfolio. This makes up as much as 30% of the 247Bull portfolio and takes advantage of specific trading opportunities.

Watch list

Some of the companies on the 247Bull watch list include: Cameco Corporation (NYSE:CCJ), ConocoPhillips (NYSE:COP), McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD), McEwen Mining (TSE:MUX), and Silvercorp Metals (NYSE:SVM).

The 247Bull investment strategy

The 247Bull portfolio utilises two types of investment strategy:

  1. A strategy for core holdings which are those positions held for the medium to long-term. These holdings make up around 70% of the portfolio.
  2. A tactical asset allocation strategy for the remaining 30% of the portfolio. This portion of the 247Bull portfolio takes profit from assets that have had considerable up-moves and reallocates it into those that are still undervalued by the market. The tactical portion of the portfolio also takes advantage of specific trading opportunities as and when they arise, and this website will continue to feature them.

Portfolio strategy for core holdings

As investors our primary goal is to understand the powerful long-term macro forces that shape the global economy and determine the direction of financial markets. The reason for this is simple: Almost 90% of stock market returns are driven by macro influences.

History shows that the really big money is made by identifying, and boarding these trends early, and then riding them until they come to an end. Continue reading…

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